Saturday, September 22, 2007

Alabama, Tuscaloosa, Dreamland Bar-B-Que

Dreamland was our first stop in Tuscaloosa as we came here to see the Dawgs play Bama’s Tide. I’ve found that if a Bar-B-Que place has a website and several locations, it may not be the place you’re looking for. The ribs were very meaty yet tough. No way these ribs were slow cooked. Sauce was good. Beans and slaw were good. Sweat tea was too sweet, yet they offered fresh lemon wedges. The ambience was good if you wanted to hang out with your frat brothers at a sports bar, but not your typical ribs joint. Kevin: ribs 4, tea 4, ambience 7. Tyler: ribs 7, tea 8, ambience 9.5

Alabama, Northport, Archibald & Woodrow’s BBQ

Maybe it’s an Alabama thing, but all 3 Tuscaloosa rib shacks serve their ribs cut apart. I liked this and will order my ribs this way from now on. The ribs were more tender than Dreamland, yet a little burnt. Very cool atmosphere for ribs. Tea was great. Danny V would be surprised how good the teas was even though the lemon juice came out of a bottle. Beans had a tad too much kick and slaw was good. Kevin: ribs 7, tea 9, ambience 9. Tyler: ribs 8, tea 10, ambience9.

Alabama, Northport, Hicks Bar-B-Q

Tyler and I agree these were the best ribs we ate in Tuscaloosa. The ribs were large, meaty, and cooked just right with a lot of salt, pepper, & maybe garlic or something that made these ribs good even without the awesome sauce. Atmosphere was a great rib shack. The ribs are served wrapped in butcher paper. Considering how messy they were, this was convenient. I don’t like syrupy tea so I like it better than Tyler did. Tyler found a needed toothpick as we left and you know the dork didn’t get ole dad a toothpick. Kevin: ribs 9.5, tea 8, atmosphere 9 Tyler ribs 9.5, tea 6, atmosphere 7.