Monday, October 02, 2006

Jim Deermans’s BBQ – Birmingham Alabama

Jim Deermans’s has the best ribs I have ever eaten in my life! The interesting thing was his sauce is not very good, but the ribs without sauce were fantastic. Not really dry like Memphis, but not wet either; just juicy, meaty, and smokey. He puts a little kick into the meat as they are smoked.
Tea 10
Ambience 10
*Ribs me 10, Tyler 7

*Ribs: Here’s where Tyler & I had a serious debate. He thought Uncle Bob’s Ribs were the best on our tour, but I disagreed.


At 11:10 AM, Blogger Vaughn and Ambre said...

Kevin Kevin Kevin!!
This is a blast from the past.

Vaughn Harris here...from way back in 1992 when me and Will Cord, Shawn Hardee, and Bryan Kent as well as a few others would go to your house, play volleyball, and study Scripture. Fun times were had.

I'm now in Birmingham, AL. Next time you come here, lets go to Dreamland. Son!! If you want ribs that'll make you slap your pappy, then bring it on down!! I'll even take you to Gods country, Tuscaloosa (Roll Tide you sorry dawg!!) to the original Dreamland. Its a shack to say the least!!

Glad to see you're in politics. Thanks for taking a stand for morals!!! God bless and shoot me an email


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