Monday, October 02, 2006

Jim Deermans’s BBQ – Birmingham Alabama

Jim Deermans’s has the best ribs I have ever eaten in my life! The interesting thing was his sauce is not very good, but the ribs without sauce were fantastic. Not really dry like Memphis, but not wet either; just juicy, meaty, and smokey. He puts a little kick into the meat as they are smoked.
Tea 10
Ambience 10
*Ribs me 10, Tyler 7

*Ribs: Here’s where Tyler & I had a serious debate. He thought Uncle Bob’s Ribs were the best on our tour, but I disagreed.

Uncle Bob’s Ribs – Oxford Mississippi

Bob sells these ribs from his travleing smoker on Jackson Rd. in Oxford. He told us that these were going to be the best ribs we have ever tasted. They were great. Tyler agrees with Bob. These were his favorite ribs, but I’m going vote on our next stop in Birmingham on the way home.
Tea N/A
Ambience 10
Ribs me 9, Tyler 10

Creekside BBQ – Oxford Mississippi

Every year, Tyler and I trek to a different SEC football road game to see the Georgia Bulldogs. This year we chose Ole Miss in Oxford Mississippi. Naturally, we are always looking for some good local food. Danny Varat recommended this joint as he attended Ole Miss several years ago. Not bad. The waitress would not let us leave without trying their special buttermilk checker pie. Being the gentlemen we are, we obliged (even though I’m on a diet, I didn’t want to hurt her feelings). It was delicious. Thanks Dr. Varat!
Sweet Tea 10
Ambience 8
Ribs 6